He Dongfeng, Chairman of COMAC, Visits the Group with His Entourage

Time:2021-02-10 11:19:42 From:ZJME

On February 1, He Dongfeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "COMAC"), Wei Yingbiao, Deputy General Manager of COMAC, Shen Weiguo, Executive Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Committee, Zhang Yinping, Manager of Development Planning Department, Ye Wei, Manager of Science and Technology Management Department, Chen Yahong, Manager of Purchasing and Supplier Management Department, Yuan Tong, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of Headquarters and Deputy Director of the Office, Shen Bo, President of COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design & Research Institute, and Wang Shunli, Director of 5G Industrial Innovation Center, etc. visited Zhejiang Machinery and Electrical Group (hereafter referred to as "the Group"). Xie Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, Yang Zhenyu, General Manager of the Group, Wang Min, Director of Huarui Company, Wang Shuifu, Chairman of XIZI UHC, Lou Guoqing and Ye Jiansong, Deputy General Managers of the Group, Liu Qiang, Assistant to the General Manager, Kailash, CEO of Huarui Company, and managers of the Group's Investment Department, Finance Department, Security Department, Legal Affairs Department, and Office attended the reception.

Xie Ping extended a warm welcome to the visit of He Dongfeng and his entourage, and introduced the basic situation of the Group and the progress of Huarui's projects. Xie Ping gave great gratitude to COMAC for trusting the Group and choosing Huarui Company as a supplier for cooperation with the model project. With 20 years of reform and development, the Group has established a strong manufacturing base. In addition, relying on its educational resources, the Group can provide talents to support the project. Xie Ping stated that Huarui Company has many advantages in implementing COMAC model project: First, the provincial Party Committee, provincial Government, municipal Party Committee, and municipal Government attach great importance and give strong support to the project. Second, the project is located at a place with niche advantages and convenient transportation. Third, the investor of Huarui Company has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of aerospace composite materials. Four, the project is supported by the aerospace industry platform at Qiantang New Area, which covers an area of thousands of acres, and creates a value of hundreds of billions. Based on these advantages, the Group and Huarui Company are confident to complete the project successfully and satisfactorily, and become one of COMAC's loyal and reliable suppliers.

At the meeting, Kailash introduced the situation of Huarui Company. As the shareholder representative of Huarui Company, Wang Shuifu expressed his gratitude to COMAC for its trust in Huarui Company and put forward suggestions on their future cooperation.

He Dongfeng expressed his gratitude to the Group, XIZI UHC and Huarui Company for their support to COMAC, and his appreciation for the rapid progress of Huarui's project. He Dongfeng said that COMAC had always been committed to progressing with suppliers and establishing a sound ecological chain in aviation industry. It is impressive for Huarui Company to make such progress in a short period of time. As partners, COMAC and Huarui Company share a common destiny. COMAC will do its best to support the development of Huarui Company. He exchanged and responded to the relevant opinions and questions put forward by the Group, XIZI UHC and Huarui Company at the meeting. For the next step, He Dongfeng put forward three suggestions as below: First, we must keep firm confidence, focus on projects, and promote the implementation of related projects with high quality. Second, we must have great patience and get ready for a long haul. Based on the characteristics of the aviation industry, we cannot achieve success overnight. So it is necessary to persist in gradual progress, and long-term research, struggle, suffering and dedication. Third, we must strive to expand our business, and become a world-class aircraft structure manufacturer, with lofty aspirations. He Dongfeng hopes that COMAC will further enhance communication with the Group, XIZI UHC and Huarui Company, and actively expand their cooperation.

Participants conducted exchanges and discussions on how to expand and deepen their cooperation in the next step.

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